Honour killing story

Hanaa S.
born: 1980
murdered: 21/22 April 2015
Location: Solingen
Origin: Iraq / Kurds / Jesides
Children: 3 own children and 3 of her husband
Perpetrator: her husband Salim (41), her brother-in-law (24) and her son (17)
Hanaa was forcibly married at the age of 15 by her Yezidi clan in Iraq. Later she lives with her husband and 3 children in Düsseldorf. Hanaa also takes care of 3 children from her husband's first marriage. It is said that she is being held as a slave. Besides being beaten by her husband, she is controlled by the head of the Yezidi family in Iraq.

When she breaks up, her husband starts stalking her. She lives several times in the women's shelter. On the advice of the police, she moves to Solingen. The children remain in the husband's family.

From her apartment Hanaa will be kidnapped on April 21, 2015, probably rolled into a carpet.

In the first place, 6 men and 1 woman from the family are temporarily arrested.

In August, the 24-year-old brother-in-law of Hanaa - the brother of her ex-husband - is arrested with an international arrest warrant at an airport in Croatia and taken to Germany. He owns a kiosk in Düsseldorf.

In November Hanaa's 17-year-old son is arrested as the second suspect. Despite an extensive search, the body has not yet been found. In January 2016 it is said that the public prosecutor will also sue the suspects without a body. In March, the television programme XY reports that the case has not yet been solved.

In June 2016 the trial of 5 family members at the regional court of Wuppertal will start: Hanaa's husband, his eldest son, his two brothers and his sister. They would have jointly planned and committed the murder of Hanaa. In the courtroom the son wears a T-shirt with a skull and crossbones printed on it.

In October, an Arab man testifies. He was hanging around in the kiosk that was run by the family. In a conversation, they confessed to the murder.

In June 2017, after 69 days of trial, one of the defendants agreed to show the place where the body was buried.

In June the brother-in-law arrested in Croatia confesses the murder. With his help the body is found in July in a forest near the northern Baden town of Kronau.

In January 2018 the brother-in-law is sentenced to life imprisonment as the main perpetrator. Hanaa's son gets a juvenile sentence of 9 years and 6 months. The victim's husband and another brother-in-law get 10 years and 6 months for complicity. The husband's sister has been acquitted. The court points out that the two youngest men were chosen by the family to commit the crime.

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