Honour killing story

born: 1991
stabbed to death: 27 November 2015
Location: Wörth / Palatinate
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1 son
Perpetrator: her husband (31 years)
Zada and her husband live in a refugee apartment in Wörth. Zada will be stabbed there in November 2015. She is bleeding to death. Neighbours call the police. The policemen find the body in the corridor and arrest the blood-stained husband.

In June 2016, the lawsuit will start before the Landau court. It appears that a report of domestic violence has already been made. Zada had stated that her husband had mistreated her for years. He claims not to remember the crime in court. In July, he was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment for manslaughter.

Zada is not the real name of the woman. We are happy with clues!

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