Honour killing story

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Tevrat Yildiz
born: 1986
Shot dead: May 31, 2015
Residence: Duisburg
Origin: Turkey / probably Kurds
Children: 1 son
Perpetrators: Süphan and Mazlum Osmanoglu, the sons of his girlfriend (16 & 24 years)
Tevrat lives apart from his wife. On 31 May 2015 he will visit his girlfriend Sükrün A. (42 years old). Both are of Turkish origin. Tevrat's divorced wife is Bulgarian.

Two men kick the door in. They are two sons of the "lovers". They want to restore their family honour and shoot Tevrat. His "mistress" (their mother) has been shot. She probably jumps out of the window, saves herself on the street, is later operated on and survives seriously injured. It is said that she is an eightfold mother, including 5 sons.

Tevrat's corpse shows both cuts and bullet wounds. The perpetrators are on the run, possibly already abroad. The Public Prosecution Service is applying for an arrest warrant.

Other considerations: When the eldest son is 24 years old, this suggests the idea of an early forced marriage. Having 8 children at the age of 42 also indicates a strictly conservative Muslim environment. It is possible that the father of the 8 children is involved. Perhaps the victim is a random victim and the mother should be killed. It is said that the father was deported and lives in Turkey. It is possible that the police registered a threat to the mother by her own sons a few years earlier. She may already have been in the women's shelter.

In May 2017 the perpetrator brothers are arrested in Turkey. Turkey does not hand over any suspects to Germany. Theoretically they could be tried there. However, this is probably not the case.

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