Honour killing story

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born: 1984
Stabbed to death: 21 May 2015
Location: Moers (NRW)
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 sons (3 and 5 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Mehmet K. (48 years)
Lale and Mehmet have 2 sons. He works as a welder in Moers on the Lower Rhine. She divorces and moves to a women's shelter in Hamburg. The divorce is planned for 1 June 2015.

Ten days before the appointment, Lale comes to the former shared apartment. Mehmet stabs the mother with 2 steak knives 71 times. The children see the deed. One of the sons flees to the neighbours who call the police. When the policemen arrive, the blood is in the kitchen. Maybe the mother had said that she wanted to bring the sons to Hamburg.

Mehmet can be arrested without resistance and is silent about the crime. The children are placed in a foster family.

In January 2016, the trial before the court of Cleves will begin. It appears that Mehmet was already known in 2006 for the violence against his ex-wife.

In June, the regional court in Kleve sentenced the perpetrator to life imprisonment for murder.

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