Honour killing story

Sabrina S.
born: 1993
Attempted murder: 12 June 2018
Place of residence: Neumünster (near Kiel)
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Afghanistan
Children: 1 daughter (at act 10 Mo.), 2 sons (2 and 3 y.)
Perpetrator: her friend Hamid M. (34 y.)
Sabrina is 25 years old and 5 years together with the 9 years older Hamid from Afghanistan. The two have 3 small children.

Hamid abuses his wife and children, locks them up, threatens and insults them. Sabrina was already in the women's shelter for domestic violence.

On 12 June 2018 there will be a dispute late in the evening. Hamid stabs Sabrina. Her screams can be heard all over the house. Only because there is an ambulance in the street because of an accident can Sabrina's life be saved. The children come to the Youth Welfare Office. The perpetrator is arrested.

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