Honour killing story

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Marcella S. and her unborn child
born: 2001
Attempted murder: 6 September 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her "ex-boyfriend" Rifai B. (at act 16 y.)
Marcella is 17, has an affair with the 1 year younger Rifai and becomes pregnant. She informs him in spring 2018. He then writes that no one should know. Otherwise he would kill her and the baby.

On 6 September the two meet for a walk. Rifai says his father would kill him if he found out about the baby. Then 3 masked people jump out of the bushes and stab the young woman. Rifai hits her. Seriously injured, Marcella saves herself in a garden. The house owners call the emergency doctor.

Rifai is arrested the same evening. The 3 accomplices (15-17 years) are arrested one day later. The 15-year-old is an Iraqi with a Swedish passport, who has been in Germany since 2013. Two of the arrested have a German and a Turkish passport, one comes from Turkey and has a German passport.

The unborn baby remains unharmed. The warrant is for attempted murder. Nothing is known about Marcella's nationality (probably German or Italian).

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