Honour killing story

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Sala-Edine R.
born: 1999
stabbed to death: 15. September 2018
Place of residence: Bad Soden / Taunus
Origin: Victim: Morocco; Perpetrator: Albania
Children: probably none
offender: his rival Muhamet S. (at act 17 y.)
Sala is a German-Moroccan, goes to school and works as a beach attendant at the Kinzig reservoir. He used to be with 17-year-old Marie. Today she is in a relationship with the German-Albanian Muhamet.

In the late evening of September 15, 2018, the two men fight each other. It's about a phone call from Sala to Marie. Muhamet stabs Sala in the throat with a knife. He bleeds to death.

About 2 hours after the crime, Muhamet is caught. He is called a German in the press. In the Internet he presents himself with Albanian flag and double-headed eagle gesture.

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