Honour killing story

born: 1985
beaten to death: 3 January 2018
Place of residence: Grünenplan (Lower Saxony)
Origin: probably Afghanistan
Children: 3 daughters (4, 7, 9 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 32 y.)
Mina's family from Iran comes to Germany in autumn 2015. She has lived in Grünenplan in Holzminden County since early 2016. The police are called at least twice for domestic violence. In autumn 2017 the couple goes to a counselling centre. Mina says that they want to separate. Her husband tells the interpreter: "Too bad we're not in Afghanistan, I'd kill her there." The father of the family moves out of the shared apartment.

There it comes on 3 January 2018 to the loud dispute. The man attacks the woman. He beats her unconscious. The landlord intervenes. Neighbours call the police.

The real name of the woman is not known. She is flown to the hospital by helicopter, undergoes emergency surgery and survives at first. The perpetrator is arrested on the spot. 12 days later she dies.

The 3 daughters were present at the act and come into the custody of the Youth Welfare Office.

The trial begins in May 2018 at the Hildesheim Regional Court. In June the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. Also because the father had stopped the 3 daughters from getting help. The daughters are meanwhile with a foster family.

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