Honour killing story

Susanna Maria Feldmann
born: 2004
murdered: 22/23 May 2018
Place of residence: Mainz / Wiesbaden
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Iraq
Children: none, she was only 14 J.
Perpetrator: Ali Bashar Ahmad Z. (at act appl. 20 y.)
On May 22, 2018 Susanna is on the road with friends in the city center of Wiesbaden. She doesn't come home in the evening, since then she has disappeared.

Ali Bashar is coming to Germany with his family (2 parents, 6 children) from Iraq in October 2015 with the large stream of refugees. The family lives in a refugee house in Wiesbaden. In December 2016 his asylum application is rejected. He complains against this, so that he stays "legally" in Germany almost one and a half years later.

In the night of May 23, Ali raped 14-year-old Susanna. Then he strangles her and buries her body. Meanwhile he is 20 years old - unless he lied when he entered the country.

Ali tells a 13-year-old refugee from Afghanistan about the crime. He later reports to the police. So the body is found on 6 June, 2 weeks after the crime.

The perpetrator's family had already left for Iraq on 2 June - although Ali was already being sought at that time. The family leaves with passports that have different names than those on the tickets. But nothing happens. Apparently Ali's parents did not think that the rapist and murderer must be punished for his crime. On entering the country, the family had claimed that their passports had been thrown into the sea by smugglers.

Ali has a criminal record with various fights, possession of weapons and the like. Among them is the accusation of having raped an 11-year-old girl. Since the girl does not testify, no further investigation is apparently being carried out. It is unclear why the 11-year-old German schoolgirl was in the refugee shelter. Apparently she was even raped on several days, which makes the matter even more unclear.

Other details: The perpetrator took the body to another place near the asylum house the morning after the crime and buried it. There is also a hint from a "friend" to Susanna's mother that Susanna was raped and murdered. The mother goes to the police on 29 May, before Ali leaves for Iraq. But the matter is probably not pursued any further.

However, there is also a (obviously fake) Whatsapp in which Susanna writes to her mother shortly before her death that she is in Paris and that her mother should not search for her. So the police don't rule out that Susanna has run away from home.

A Turk is arrested under suspicion of involvement in the crime, but released again. The matter is not quite clear.

On 8 June, at 2 a.m., Ali is arrested in northern Iraq by Kurdish security forces. He confesses to the crime and is extradited to Germany the next day. Later it comes out that Ali is probably already 21 years old.

If the act "only" serves to conceal the rape, it is not, strictly speaking, an honour killing. One can also read the act differently: Susanna was Jewish, it could be a hate crime.

The following becomes known in July: The 14-year-old Mansoor from Afghanistan was involved in one of the earlier rapes of the 11-year-olds. He later gave the police the reference to Ali as a murderer, but only after his escape to Iraq. Mansoor is arrested. One of Ali's brothers is also said to have been involved in a rape. He is said to be 13 years old, i.e. not of age for punishment (and in Iraq).

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