Honour killing story

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born: 2004
Attempted murder: 6 July 2018
Place of residence: Hamburg-Billstedt
Origin: Egypt
Children: none, she was only 14 y.
Perpetrator: her father Ibrahim S. (at act 44 y.)
Shayma's father Ibrahim has a recycling company or an import and export in Hamburg. On 6 July 2018 he beats up his 14-year-old daughter because she has a boyfriend. He chokes her to unconsciousness.

Somehow Shayma can escape. She calls friends who call the police. The seriously injured woman is found at a bus station, taken to hospital and operated on.

On the night of July 8th, the police storm the house and arrest Ibrahim. The arrest warrant is for attempted murder. Elite units in heavy gear are deployed, presumably because resistance from the Egyptian extended family was expected.

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