Honour killing story

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Sandra P. and her daughter
Born: 1984, 2017
stung / beheaded: 12. April 2018
Location: Hamburg
Origin: Victim: Germany; Sprawca: Niger
Children: 5, of which 1 daughter (at act 1 y.), who is also killed.
Perpetrator: her ex-friend Mourtala Madou (33 y.)

Sandra comes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and has lived in Hamburg for about 4 years. She has 5 children of 4 fathers. Her youngest daughter is 1 year old and was conceived by a refugee from Niger, West Africa. He came to Germany in April 2013 and lived in the Lampedusa Group, which was cared for by the St. Pauli church in Hamburg. The Pauli church in Hamburg was attended. He has a temporary residence permit which is constantly renewed. He lives in a refugee reception center at the time he commits the crime.

Mourtala meets Sandra, the two have a daughter.

On 11 April 2018 Mourtala was removed from his custody, probably not without reason. He is said to have lost his right of residence. The next day Mourtala stabbed his ex-girlfriend and his child's mother at Jungfernstieg S-Bahn station in Hamburg. He cuts off the head of his one-year-old daughter. One can associate this with Boko Haram, who is active in Niger and hunts Christians and non-believers, among other things.

The daughter dies on the spot, the mother in the hospital. The murderer tries to escape for a while. When he notices that he is being chased, he calls the police himself and he is arrested. Later, the officers find the gun in a dustbin.

The other 4 children of the woman go to the child care centre. It is unclear whether they are still in possession of further residence permits.

Later it becomes known: The perpetrator Mourtala links to videos of the islam preacher Pierre Vogel on Facebook. It is said that he has converted to islam since his arrival in Germany.

Sandra's new girlfriend was also present at the crime. He also pushed a stroller with a child, but he is not the child's father. The father of this child comes from Ghana. But this new friend ran away during the action (without a stroller). He probably has no residence permit.

Also present at the crime was a Ghanaian who was not involved, namely Daniel. With his mobile phone he films the platform for about 2 minutes. He puts the video of the mobile phone on Facebook. The blogger Heinrich Kordewiner puts the video of Facebook on Youtube. In exchange, the police and the Public Prosecutor visit them both early in the morning. It is possible that the Ghanaians' voice can be heard on the video. He says that the baby's head has been cut off ("They cut off the head of the baby").

On April 25th we link this archive page to the Youtube video in the morning (see below). The video will be blocked in the afternoon.

Although neither the headless child nor the mother can be seen on the video, the video remains locked. The Hamburger Morgenpost publishes an article that played into the hands of a right-wing crowd on the internet (which cannot be found, however). The editors themselves - out of respect for the baby victim - had decided not to write about the beheading. Readers wonder why the editors apparently had no reason to open the title page with the dead Alan Kurdi, a two-year-old refugee boy who was dead on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Other commentators, who clearly did not see the video, demand a heavy punishment for the blogger who posted the video on Youtube.

Two weeks after the crime, the "new friend", the main witness of the crime, is being publicly searched for. He then reports to the police. His name is Mousa, called Moses, and is 33 years old, from Ghana and illegal in Germany.

It goes on: The prosecutor says that the girl has not been beheaded. He claims: "Objectively speaking, this was not the case. It is not quite clear whether it was just a near-decapitation, a kind of slaughter, knife violence against the neck or anything else. It is known that the perpetrator had already been sent to the anti-aggression training by the family court. It is unclear whether or not he participated.

The trial starts in October at the Hamburg Regional Court of Appeal.

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