Honour killing story

born: 1965
stabbed to death: 2. March 2017
Place of residence: Scheeßel (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Iraq / Kurds
Children: 7
Perpetrator: her husband Elias I. (at act 42 y.)
Seve is married at 24 years to Elias who is 10 years younger. The reason for the forced marriage is unclear. The marriage is violent. In 2014 they flee Iraq. In 2015 they come to Germany as refugees and live in Scheeßel in Lower Saxony. They have 7 children.

On March 2, 2017, Elias stabs his wife with a knife 17 times in the kitchen. She dies at the scene. The motive mentioned is that Seve wanted to learn German and leave the house alone and had become too western. Neighbours call the police. The children are taken into the custody of the youth welfare office after the crime.
In August 2017 the trial before the Regional Court of Verden begins. In October, the verdict is: 8 years imprisonment for manslaughter.

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