Honour killing story

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Tunay Gültekin
born: 1977
stabbed: 15-16 May 2016
Residence: Berlin-Mariendorf
Origin: Victim: Turkey; perpetrator: Congo
Children: 1 son
perpetrator: her boyfriend Yve M. (39 years)
Tunay studied philosophy in Turkey and lives unemployed in Berlin-Mariendorf. She lives with her boyfriend from Congo.

On June 10, 2016, the heavily decomposed body of Tunays is found in her apartment in Berlin-Mariendorf. Neighbors had complained about the smell, hence the forced entry into the house. The police estimate the time of death on mid-May.

A 39-year-old suspect is arrested and sent to a psychiatric ward. He has probably been there before with the dead woman's health insurance card. No one has recognized that the name was a female first name. Only when he is caught in the clinic with drugs does the fraud come to light.

Since nothing is known about the motive, it is also unclear whether it is an honour killing or possibly an act of psychiatric delusion or drugs.

In February 2017, the manslaughter case starts at the Court of Berlin. It turns out that the body was "decorated" with stones, ribbons and feathers. Head, left arm and a finger were cut. The body had 30 stab wounds to the chest, abdomen and lower body. However, the knife was not found. It turns out that Yve is an asylum seeker from Congo who has moved in from a refugee house near Tunay. She had already had a divorce. How the trial ended is not known. The perpetrator will probably be admitted to a psychiatric ward.

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