Honour killing story

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born: 1997
strangled: 5-6 January 2017
Place of residence: Köln-Buchheim
Origin: Iraq
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her father (at act 44 y.)
Zare is 19 and married, one can assume a forced marriage. Maybe she would like to separate. Her father strangles her, flees and leaves the body in the car in his garage.

He reports to the police on 6 January 2017 - presumably already from Iraq - by telephone. He says he murdered his daughter. The officers find the body. Later it is said that the place where the body was found is not the crime scene.

It is said that the family has been living withdrawn for 8 years in Germany. Neighbors report screaming from the apartment, possibly even in the night of the crime. Also before this, police operations had already taken place there.

Zare has 4 younger siblings. All family members refuse to cooperate with the police. There are rumours that Zare had a friend (who is not German). Possibly she was pregnant.

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