Honour killing story

Sanaa A.
born: 1981
Attempted murder: January 5, 2017
Place of residence: Luckenwalde (Brandenburg)
Origin: Victim: Jordan; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: 3 daughters (at act 7-16 y.), 2 sons
Perpetrator: her husband Yahia / Yahya (48 y.)
At the age of 14, Sanaa is forcibly married to Yahia, who is 12 years older. The two have 5 children. First they live in Libya. Yahia is probably involved in Islamist arms deals, is wanted by the police and so the family comes as "Syrian refugees" to Germany.

Family life is violent, there are death threats. Sanaa separates in November 2016 and obtains an approximation ban. There are accusations against the father because of sexual abuse of the 16-year-old daughter.

On January 5, 2017, Yahia stabbed his separated wife with a knife on the street 14 times. Additionally he pulls the knife over one half of her face. Then he flees, later however he faces the police.

In June the trial for attempted murder begins at the Potsdam Regional Court. In July Yahia is sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. His wife had been an object for him that he had regarded as his property, with which he could do whatever he wanted. He had feared that his wife could turn to another man after the separation. He had said several times that he would not tolerate this. He had denied his wife her right to life and had made her the object of his vigilante justice, according to the verdict.

There are 2 other trials against Yahia: for assaulting his daughter and for supporting a terrorist organization.

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