Honour killing story

Zorica H.
born: 1990
stabbed: 20/21 February 2011
Residence: Taufkirchen/Opper Bavaria
Provenance: Victim: Bosnia; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: she was a child herself
Perpetrator: Harun A. (18 years old, born in Germany)
Zorica works in discotheques and supermarkets and gets pregnant by a career counselor and former salesman from Erding, called Harun. He has a German passport and Turkish roots. There is probably no or only a short relationship.

In the night of February 21, 2011 Harun comes to Zorica's apartment, possibly because the mother-to-be wants to talk about alimony. Later, a police spokesperson says that the perpetrator "felt deeply offended in his honor."

Harun ties Zorica up and stabs her - with "incredible brutality" and "extreme cruelty", as it is said later - 165 times. He thereby kills the mother-to-be and the unborn daughter. Neighbors warn the police the next day at noon.

Searching for the child's father, agents find Harun in his apartment. After the first denial, he confesses the crime.

In another interrogation, Harun claims he planned, prepared and executed the crime along with a 20-year-old Turk.

The lawsuit against Harun and his accomplice Vedat starts in October 2011 at the regional court of Landshut. Vedat held the victim while the main perpetrator stabbed Zorica. The high number of stab wounds is typical of an honour killing. Both were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, the highest sentence in the juvenile justice system.

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