Honour killing story

Fathia el Q.
born: 1969
stabbed to death: 18 February 2011
Residence: Düsseldorf
Origin: Morocco
Children: 1 daughter, 1 son (both adults)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Hassan M. (42 years)
Fathia marries a man and has a son with him. When the man dies, she marries a Moroccan in Spain and has a daughter with him. In 2008 she reports him for assault, in 2009 she gets a divorce. The son lives in Morocco. Fathia lives with her daughter in Spain.

In November 2010 Fathia moves from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, probably because she is attacked and threatened with death by her ex-husband. Her (German) mother and sisters live in Düsseldorf.

On 18 February 2011 Fathia's ex-husband stabbed her on the public road. Witnesses warn the ambulance. Fathia dies in hospital from her belly wounds. The perpetrator escapes. Later, a witness tells that in January a North African man with a photograph was looking for Fathia in the same street.

Four days after the murder, the ex-husband is arrested in Spain.

In September 2011 the trial will start at the Regional Court of Düsseldorf. In November Hassan is sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for manslaughter. The defence lodges an appeal. The trial will be held again in October 2012. The sentence will be confirmed in January 2013.

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