Judgment in absentia of the Utrecht District Court on account of the labour dispute between N. Achikzei and Advios Assurantiën BV

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Narges Achikzei, who was set on fire, and her boyfriend had a heated conflict with the woman's 32-year-old former employer in Utrecht. The family is associated with fraudulent practices. In any case, they were accused by an aggrieved man. He himself was summoned to a court one week after the fire murder in connection with the slander. For a long time he is said to have sent e-mails to the woman - an ex-worker - and damaged her honour and good name.

It is very likely that this conflict played a role in the cruel death. The public prosecutor's office never wants to answer questions about the content of the legal conflict. It is clear that the conflict exerted great pressure on Achikzei and other participants.
in the name of the Queen





Sector canton

Location Utrecht

Case number: 581426 UC EXPL 08-9098

judgment rendered in absentia on 9 July 2008

in terms of

Narges Achikzei
living at Zeist
additive no. 4 GW4533
authorised RBN Lawyers
the plaintiff,


Advios Assurantiën B.V.
established Chilidreef 11
3563 HD Utrecht
defendant’s party

Recitals of the subdistrict court

The plaintiff has brought an action.
The defendant did not reply (on time) and did not request a postponement, so that a default was granted against the defendant.
Since the claim does not appear to the Subdistrict Court to be unlawful or unfounded, it will be allowed in default of appearance.

Condemns the defendant to pay the claimant against proof of discharge:

1. € 1,700.00 gross in respect of the salary for the month of May 2008;
2. € 1,632.00 gross in respect of unpaid holiday pay;
3. € 567.00 gross in respect of unpaid holidays;
4. the statutory increase in accordance with Section 7:625 of the Netherlands Civil Code of 50% over the amount referred to under 1. to 3. above.
amounts allocated;
5. the statutory interest on the allotted amount under 1. to 4. above, from 1 June 2008 until the day of fulfilment;  


Case number: 581426 UC EXPL 08-9098 sheet 2


The cantonal judge:

orders the defendant to pay the costs of the proceedings on the part of the plaintiff, until the ruling of this judgment estimated at € 461.44, which includes € 175.00 to the defendant, who has been ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings. salary of the authorised representative, to be paid to the Registrar of the District Court of Utrecht;

declares this judgment enforceable as a stock;

rejects the more or otherwise claimed.

This judgment was rendered by S.M. van Lieshout, subdistrict court judge, and is in the presence of the Registrar pronounced in public on 9 July 2008.


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