Honour killing story

born: 1960
Attempted murder: 7 April 2011
Residence: Fürth
Origin: Serbia
Children: 4
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Djura A. (53 years)
Round 1979 Anka and Djura get married in Serbia. They have four children together. The family lives in Germany and Serbia, how exactly, is unclear.

The marriage is violent. In 1994 Anka divorces him. Meanwhile, she seeks protection in a women's shelter. Djura is deported to Serbia in 1998.

Anka works as a cleaning lady. When her eldest daughter dies of a stroke, Anka takes over the upbringing of her granddaughter. There are probably other family members who live in her household.

In March 2011 Djura enters Germany illegally again and asks his ex-wife to stay with her for a few days. Then he proposes to her several times to get married again, so he can stay in Germany. She refuses.

In the night of April 7, 2011 Anka goes to the toilet. Djura attacks her in the bathroom, pulls a blanket over her head from behind and stabs her 12 times. A daughter-in-law who lives in the household overpowers him and calls the police. The cops arrest the perpetrator in the apartment. The victim survives badly injured.

In the verdict, the president of the court says that the perpetrator abused his wife all her life and did not leave her alone, even after the divorce. He considered the woman to be his property and denied her any right to life when he committed his act. In March 2012, Djura was sentenced to 13 years in prison for attempted murder by the regional court of NurembergFürth. Anka is not the real name of the woman.

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