Honour killing story

Dilek T.
born: 1983
stabbed: 31 May 2011
Residence: Berlin
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 sons
Perpetrator: her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Kadir B. (38 years)
Dilek grew up in Braunschweig and has a Turkish passport. She married when she was 17, got pregnant, divorced and moved to Berlin. Here she has her second son. Dilek works as a cleaning lady in a supermarket and with the help of the employment agency she gets her high school diploma (or is planning to do so).

Her friend Kadir grew up in Germany and Istanbul, lives at Hartz IV and has a criminal record. Sometimes he lives with Dilek as a second wife. He is also married to another Turkish woman and has two children. This relationship is also violent until the wife leaves him.

Dilek reports Kadir for domestic violence several times, but does not report to the police afterwards. A behaviour, not uncommon in the run-up to a murder of honour. Even in the presence of witnesses, Kadir threatens to kill Dilek if she leaves him. Dilek's custody has been revoked. The older son goes to his father, the younger one to a foster home.

Though Kadir is not allowed to approach his ex-girlfriend, he drives her to work on May 31, 2011, waits in the car and drives her back to her apartment in Berlin Lichtenrade. Clearly he wants to check up on her, but she cooperates in his behaviour. Back in the apartment he stabs her.

Afterwards Kadir turns himself in to the police. In any case, he would have had to serve a prison sentence a few days later. He carries the bloody murder weapon in a Koran. The emergency doctor finds the dying woman on a mattress in the living room. She bleeds to death and is buried in Istanbul. Dilek's father applies for custody of the two sons.

In January 2012 the trial will start at the Court of Berlin. In March Kadir is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

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