Honour killing story

born: ?
attempted murder: 15 September 2016
Location: Rüsselsheim
Origin: Morocco
Children: at least 1 son (12 years)
Offender: her divorced living spouse (32 years)
The fact that this attempted murder is ultimately condemned as inflicting bodily harm is partly due to police work. After the crime, the 12-year-old son was used as an interpreter for a witness statement. The decisive factor, however, is that the victim does not want to testify in court, even if she has been abused for several years. The court has photographs of old wounds. The woman then also withdrew her report.

Ali is Moroccan, Durya is Moroccan with a German passport. They live in Frankfurt, have children together, how many children, is unclear. Ali works as a hairdresser. In a joint holiday in 2015 he tries to arrange a second wife for himself. Durya then moves with her children to the women's shelter and then to her own apartment in Rüsselsheim. The father is given a right of inspection.

On 15 September 2016 Ali beats up his divorced living wife in the stairwell, she has a broken skull. He sits on her, hits her head against stone plates, suffocates her and tries to stab her. A witness intervenes.

In February 2017 the trial in the court of Darmstadt begins, initially for attempted murder. Witnesses don't want to remember anything or lie. The woman uses her right to refuse to testify.

The perpetrator is given a suspended sentence of one year and eight months. However, the probationary period is set at 5 years to protect the family. The offender has to pay 3000 euros to a women's shelter. The judge points out that the offender owes his low punishment to his victim. It is not unusual for Muslim women not to cooperate with the courts. Others are put under pressure by their families until they withdraw the report or testify on behalf of the perpetrator.

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