Honour killing story

Farima Seadi
born: 1979
stabbed to death: 29 April 2017
Place of residence: Prien am Chiemsee
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 4 (at act 5, 11, 20, ? y.)
Perpetrator: Hamidullah Moradi (29 y.)
In about 2011 Farima and her family flee Afghanistan to Germany. The 4-time mother had already been converted to Christianity and baptized as a Protestant. At some point she separates from the father of the children (at act 49 years). She works as an interpreter and has a stand at the Christmas market.

Hamidullah comes as a refugee from Afghanistan in 2013. He initially lives with tolerance in Prien am Chiemsee and knows Farima from her honorary position: She is involved in the Tafel, where Hamidullah fetches food. He loses his job in the building yard, and is later threatened with deportation. On 29 April 2017, he stabs her to death with a machete and 16 stabs on the open road. Farima dies in the hospital. Her two younger sons (5 and 11 y.) have to witness the crime.

A randomly present policeman, together with passers-by, overwhelms the perpetrator. He fights hard, but is arrested.

The children are taken into care. The victim's sister later speaks of an Islamic execution. Hamidullah could not accept that an Afghan convert to Christianity.

The process will begin in January 2018. In February, the Traunstein Regional Court sentences the offender to life imprisonment. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. Additional note: It is also said in court that refugee counselors had helped to delay the deportation.

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