Honour killing story

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Maryam A.
born: 1967
Attempted murder: 2 May 2017
Place of residence: Hamburg
Origin: Iran
Children: yes, unclear how many
Perpetrator: her husband Shahariyar M. (at act 60 y.)
Maryam is a kindergarten teacher, her husband is an Iranian former sailor named Shahariyar.

On May 2, 2017, Shahariyar hits her in the bedroom with a telescopic stick. Possibly he forces her to take an overdose of tablets. Maryam comes seriously injured to the hospital and can be saved by a blood transfusion.

Neighbours call the police who will find bloodstains all over the house.

From October 2017, the perpetrator stands before the Hamburg Regional Court for attempted murder. In addition, the dangerous assault of his nephew Frasat is being tried. The perpetrator had beaten him up in March 2017 because he believed his nephew had a relationship with his wife.

The judgement is not to be found.

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