Honour killing story

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born: 1971
attempted murder: 21 June 2016
Location: Schweinfurt
Origin: Kosovo
Children: unclear, probably no common
Perpetrator: her ex-husband (58 years)
Fidan and her husband come to Germany as Balkan refugees and are granted asylum. The marriage has been violent for 20 years: humiliation, abuse, slavery, forced abortion, an unprecedented martyrdom is the name of the game. Fidan went to the women's shelter several times, she returned several times. Otherwise he threatens to kill her family.

For the perpetrator, this is the second marriage. From his first marriage he has 5 children. Whether the first woman is still alive and where the children are - both unclear. His profession is referred to as a car mechanic. But he only works occasionally,

In June 2016, Fidan reports on her husband and gets a restraining order. A week later, on 21 June, he stabbed her from behind with eighteen stitches at a bus stop in the district of Schweinfurt in Bergl. Even when she was lying on the ground, he stuck her.

If the perpetrator thinks his wife is dead, he tries to escape, but is overwhelmed by passers-by. The knife has been confiscated. Fidan comes to the hospital and barely survives. She stays in the hospital for a month.

In February 2017, the trial before the court of Schweinfurt will begin. A cellmate from prison reported that the perpetrator had already announced that, after his release, he wanted to kill his wife once and for all.

In March, the perpetrator is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for attempted murder and ill-treatment. The sentence explicitly mentions the injured honour as a motive. Further expressions are: extraordinary aggression crime, cruelty, cold bloodedness. The Public Prosecutor's Office had asked for life long preventive detention, which would improve the safety of Fidan - and the safety of the daughters from the first marriage (if there are any among the 5 children).

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