Honour killing story

Ibrahim J.
born: 1979
stabbed: 12 June 2011
Location: Gladbeck
Crime scene: Bottrop
Origin: Lebanon / Kurds
Children: unclear, possible 3 + 1 unborn child
Offenders: Bilal (24 years old at the time of the crime), his brother Chalid (28) and a cousin Haysam S. (28), all from Lebanon with German passports
Ibrahim's sister Jehan is in her early 20s, speaks good German and lives with her parents in Gladbeck. In May 2007 she married Chalid, who is four years older. The marriage only takes place according to the islamic rite. Later, in court, Jehan will describe her marriage as martyrdom. She is beaten daily, once she is taken to the hospital with broken ribs. Chalid's parents treat her like a cleaner. She leaves her husband several times, moves in with her parents. But her father brings her back.

In the spring of 2011 Jehan finally divorces and moves from Neheim-Hüsten in the Sauerland to her sister in Essen. She will probably get custody of the children (1 and 3 years).

On Whit Sunday 2011 a Lebanese clan celebrates a wedding in a rented hall on an industrial estate in Bottrop. Among the 700 guests, there is a wedding brawl. Around 10:30 pm Bilal stabs a 32-year-old from Gladbeck. He dies in hospital and is buried in Essen. Another 50-year-old from Lünen is seriously injured at the celebration.

Two days later, two suspicious brothers turn themselves in: Bilal, 24, and Chalid, 28, who come from Arnsberg-Neheim and appear with their lawyers at the police station in Bottrop. The youngest claims to be responsible for the crime. The wife of his older brother Chalid was divorced from him and fought for custody of the children. As a result, Ibrahim, this woman's brother, was stabbed to death at the wedding. So the dead man is Jehan's brother. She reported to the police immediately after the crime.

In December 2011, the trial will start before the Essen Regional Court under strict security measures. It is said that the Gladbeck clan had hired a killer to shoot the accused in court. A cousin of the two brothers, Haysam S.

Jehan testifies that Chalid threatened her, her father and her brothers with death. The brothers and the nephew accompany her testimony with mockery.

In July 2012 the brothers are sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, Haysam is acquitted. In July 2013, the Federal Supreme Court confirms the life sentence.

In August 2012 there will be another trial at the court of Bielefeld about the enmity of the two clans. In February 2013, the father of the imprisoned sons will be stabbed to death. He was in open prison and had a pass. The order for murder is supposed to come from the head of the other clan, for which he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. The trial will continue in June 2015: the Federal Supreme Court will revoke the verdicts. Among other things, a judge had a relationship with a lawyer involved. Because of the involvement of the judiciary in Bielefeld, new hearings will be held at the regional court in Dortmund. Outcome unknown.

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