Honour killing story

born: 1974
almost killed: 14 April 2017
Residence: Miltenberg (Lower Franconia) / Sinsheim (near Heidelberg)
Origin: unclear, possible Iran
Children: at least 1 son (at act 22 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (47 y.)
On Good Friday 2017 Ira is on her way to a family celebration with her husband and their adult son. Shortly before her arrival, the man pulls her out of the car, hits into her head and flees into the forest.

The son drives the severely injured mother home or to relatives. The rescue service is called from there. Ira comes to the hospital with severe head and face injuries.

It is said that Ira lives in Erlenberg/Miltenberg (Lower Franconia), the man in Sinsheim near Heidelberg. So they are probably separated. Maybe she told him that she wanted a divorce and he didn't want to accept it. Maybe the son didn't go directly to the hospital to protect his father.

Ira's real name is not known, not even if more children are affected. The origin of the perpetrator is only called "southern appearance".

The perpetrator flees, he is searched for nationwide, later internationally. The following night, the perpetrator is caught by a train and killed in front of Darmstadt's main railway station. Whether it is a suicide or an accident is not known.

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