Honour killing story

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Julia C. B.
born: 1980
stung: 10 June 2016
Residence: Berlin-Schöneberg
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Tunisia
Children: she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her former partner Merwan B. (29 years)
Merwan will be coming from Tunisia to Germany in 2012 and will meet a network of well intentioned supporters in the "Red Neighborhood" district in the Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. Although his asylum application is rejected, he is told from many quarters that he might still be able to stay here. A woman marries him (first through an imam marriage), he can register at the pub and spend the night there, a woman keeps him going financially, friends buy cocaine now and then, a lawyer advises him on the use of a pregnancy for his stay. An association gives him a room and honourable work in the Refugee Welcome Scene Tempelhof. Merwan's profession is referred to as "electrician in Tunisia".

Julia teaches chemistry and history at the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Berlin. On New Year's Eve 2015/16 she meets Merwan in a dark pub. She becomes pregnant. He doesn't want her to have the child. The two get into a fight and Merwan threatens Julia with a knife and the threat "I'll kill you". Only when the lawyer advises him that he can challenge his deportation with the pregnancy, does he want to have the child. But Julia now wants to raise his baby alone. Merwan's deportation is approaching.

On June 10, 2016, Merwan will be back with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa (his girlfriend for Julia, who was once pregnant with him). Yet he is lurking in Julia's stairwell. When she opens the door, he attacks her with a knife he has taken with him. 7 stitches are counted later. Neighbours hear the shouting.

Merwan comes out of the apartment, tells the neighbours that they have had stress and leaves. The neighbours call the police and follow him. Shortly afterwards he is arrested in a liquor store. Julia bleeds to death, the emergency doctor tries in vain to save her life. The unborn baby also dies,

Julia's body is buried in Brunswick, where she went to school.

In January 2017, the trial will start before the Court of Berlin. The charge is murder and abortion.

The old/new girlfriend also testifies. She is already married to an Indian who also needed a residence permit and paid Vanessa 2000 euros for it. She has a child, but not his. Since the 20-year-old was married, she could only marry Merwan through an imam marriage. She had met him when he was at a school in Kreuzberg to enforce residence permits.

The pleadings are still made in January. The public prosecutor explicitly points out how distant the behaviour of the Refugees Welcome was towards the perpetrator. Merwan has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and abortion. The defence announces an appeal. Vanessa is engaged to another man.

In the context of the trial, it may also be noted that Merwan has already had considerable problems with the German judiciary. Because he initially acted as a minor, the files were probably sealed.

In August 2017, the review of the murder will be rejected.

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