Honour killing story

born: 1996
stabbed to death: 16 June 2016
Location: Dahn / Palatinate
Origin: Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her husband Ahmad Abdalmalk (33 years)
In October 2015 Alia and her husband Ahmad will come to Germany as Syrian refugees. Alia is going to divorce him. She was probably forced to marry the 13-year-older man at the age of 19. She lives in Dahn in southern Palatinate, he lives in Pirmasens.

In the morning of June 16, 2016, Ahmad follows her from her apartment to a bus stop. He walks up to her, embraces her and hits a knife in her chest. Passers-by call the ambulance. Alia undergoes emergency surgery, but dies.

The police are looking for the perpetrator with a large team. Late in the evening he is arrested. He doesn't resist at all. He confesses to the crime and is arrested and placed in pre-trial detention.

In November 2016 the trial in the court of Zweibrücken will begin. In December, Ahmad is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Alia is not the real name of the woman.

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