Honour killing

Karin C.
born: 1966
Attempted murder: 4 January 2019
Residence: Waldhufen (near Görlitz)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Pakistan
Children: yes, not clear how many
Perpetrator: Sameer Q. / Naveed A. (28 years)
Karin has a relationship with the 15 years younger Sameer from Pakistan. It can be assumed that he hopes that this will improve his residence status.

On January 4, 2019, he stabbed her 10 times with a knife in the shared apartment. He leaves the wounded woman covered in blood and flees with her wallet. A neighbour hears the screaming and calls the ambulance. Karin undergoes emergency surgery at the hospital. The perpetrator is arrested near the crime scene.

Sameer has a criminal record and is a tolerated asylum seeker. Here is a quote from Karin in the newspaper Bild: "I know he spent two years in prison because a woman accused him of rape, but he has always loved me".

The motive given is that Karin wanted to end the relationship. There's a murder investigation going on. Another one points out that Sameer is albino, has been living in Germany for 6 years and is called "Sammy".

In July the trial on attempted manslaughter starts at the Goerlitz Regional Court.

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