Honour killing story

Lilli W.
born: 1986
stabbed: 12/13 January 2016
Residence: Siegen
Origin: Uzbekistan
Children: 2 sons (6 and 10 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Nurik / Nurjigit A. (31 years)
Lilli and Nurik meet in Uzbekistan in 2004. In 2008 they move to Germany with their first son. The second son was born in 2012. The police will be called in 2015. It is said that the man was very controlling. Because of domestic violence the father Nurjigit gets a restraining order for 10 days.

But in January 2016 he stabbed his wife 41 times. Lilli bleeds to death. The two sons are in the apartment at the time of the crime and sleeping.

After the crime, Nurjigit calls the fire brigade and is arrested. The sons go first to youth care, later to the grandparents.

In June 2016, the proceedings before the court of Siegen will begin.

In July, the offender is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for manslaughter. He gets 2 weeks extra for a previous violent crime. At that moment he had demolished the apartment and beaten his wife.

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