Honour killing story

Maria P.
born: 1995
set on fire: 22 January 2015
Residence: Berlin
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: she was highly pregnant
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Eren T. (19 years), father of the unborn child
Maria and Eren have been together since September 2012. Eren's family does not accept the girlfriend. That's why she converts to Islam and develops into a certain "Turkish chic" including a headscarf. Her stepfather is also a Turk. Her biological father (nationality unclear) probably died.

When the vocational school pupil becomes pregnant at the age of 19, Eren separates from her, presumably under pressure from his family.

On 22 January 2015 Eren, his 19-year-old buddy Daniel and Maria will drive to a forest in the Berlin Adlershof - probably under threat of violence. Daniel holds the woman there, Eren hits her head with an iron rod and hits a knife in her belly. Then the young men pour petrol over the pregnant woman and set her on fire. Mary burns with her unborn daughter.

The next day, the perpetrator reports her missing. But he becomes entangled in contradictions and eventually confesses to the crime. Daniel has also been arrested. His girlfriend has had a three-year-old child and is pregnant again. He has no diploma to leave school and is described by others as a class clown and very fond of children. Eren and Daniel are accused of joint murder and violent abortion. Daniel makes a partial confession. It is called "Daniel does what Eren says". The two have been friends for many years.

In October 2015, the court case before the juvenile delinquency chamber of the Court of Berlin will start. In February 2016, a juvenile sentence of 14 years will be imposed on both of them, and the special seriousness of the guilt will be determined. In November, the Federal Supreme Court will confirm the verdict.

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