Honour killing story

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born: 1963
mutilated: 2016
Location: Hamburg
Origin: Turkey
Children: several adults
Perpetrator: her husband Zekeriya B. (69 years)
This act is not a murder, but is "only" about inflicting serious bodily harm. But because the structure shows a lot about honour killings, the case should be included here.

Aysha is 53, her husband 69, they have several adult children. Father Zekeriya has a travel agency in Hamburg.

Zekeriya has a mistress, Aysha wants to get divorced. To mutilate her, he burns his wife with 2 liters of boiling water. 52 percent of the skin surface burns. The adult daughter warns the fire brigade. Aysha has been in intensive care for 2 months. Zekeriya settles in Turkey.

In court, the daughter withdraws her statement. She even tries to blame the mother. The mother poured boiling water over herself. The burned mother does not want to testify. The doctors have not been released from their duty of secrecy.

Even the lawyer of the defence pleads for a suspended sentence, because - he says - the family has already arranged this. The woman had received 5000 euros and a piece of land. Although he is a lawyer, he apparently does not want the crime (infliction of serious bodily harm) to be dealt with by a German court, but by a family council. That's why he strongly opposes the fact that his daughter's distress call is played out in court: "My father hit her and poured boiling hot water over her head".

A witness, a friend of the family who does not have the right to refuse to testify, ends up in court and refers to her high blood pressure. More witnesses come forward with false statements.

In September 2016, Zekeriya will be sentenced to 3 years and 10 months imprisonment. The judge speaks of an honorary motive.

Neither the date of the act nor the real name of the woman are known.

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