Honour killing story

The T.
born: 1976
stabbed to death: 21. April 2017
Place of residence: Dresden
Origin: Victim: Vietnam; Perpetrator: Pakistan
Children: 1 son (at act 20 y.)
Perpetrator: her friend Shahjahan Butt (29 y.)
The Pakistani Shahjahan comes to Germany in December 2015. He applies for asylum, the proceedings will be discontinued in December 2016 due to his lack of cooperation, and deportation will be ordered in January 2017. The defendant will later claim in court that he knew nothing about this. He gets to know The, who is 12 years older. She has a 20-year-old son, works in a Vietnamese restaurant and possibly has a German passport (for example, because she comes from a Vietnamese GDR guest worker family, but the matter is unclear).

On April 21, 2017, a friend finds The's corpse and calls the police. An international arrest warrant is issued against the Pakistani partner. A few days later, the perpetrator is arrested in a train in Austria. In May he is extradited to Germany.

In April 2018 the trial before the Dresden Regional Court begins. 7 stab wounds are named as the cause of death. Then the perpetrator taped nose and mouth of the victim. The died by breathlessness and bleeding shock. The perpetrator does not want to say anything about how he met the woman and how the relationship went. Which could nourish the suspicion that it was more about his residence permit. The perpetrator wants to be deported from prison to his home country Pakistan as soon as possible, he says in court.

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