The Public Prosecution Service does not want to respond to R. Geissen’s complaint about the performance of MDNDR010 and MDNDR011

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Narges Achikzei, who was set on fire, and her boyfriend had a heated conflict with the woman's 32-year-old former employer in Utrecht. The family is associated with fraudulent practices. In any case, they were accused by an aggrieved man. He himself was summoned to a court one week after the fire murder in connection with the slander. For a long time he is said to have sent e-mails to the woman - an ex-worker - and damaged her honour and good name.

It is very likely that this conflict played a role in the cruel death. The public prosecutor's office never wants to answer questions about the content of the legal conflict. It is clear that the conflict exerted great pressure on Achikzei and other participants.

Public Prosecutor’s Office
Region Utrecht – Lelystad

Department of Policy & Strategy

Postal address: P.O. Box 505, 3500 AM Utrecht

Mr R. Geissen
p/a PO Box 4063
3502 HB Utrecht

Section Policy & Strategy
Contact person Mr. I.M. van Klaveren
Direct dial number(s) 030-223 5672
Date 5 November 2012
Our case 3000/104/11
Subject Your letter of 2 November 2011

Dear Mr. Geissen,

I have received your letters of 2 November 2011 and 13 April 2011 with attachments in good order.

First of all, I apologize for the fact that the answer to your letters have lasted longer than I consider desirable.

In your letters, you indicate that you believe that the criminal investigation into the death of N. Achikzei would not have been impartial or professional, and that there would be a questionable role for police officers. For this reason you asked me to have a fact-finding mission initiated by the National Criminal Investigation Department. At your letters, you have added a large number of attachments, which in your opinion to support your point of view.

The Rijksrecherche (National Criminal Investigation Department) focuses on the investigation of (semi) government officials who crimes committed. In the case of fact investigations by the National Criminal Investigation Department, the following applies are investigations into conduct that has a criminal aspect to it. It must concern criminal behaviour (offences) which seriously affects the The integrity of the justice system and the integrity of the public administration.

From your letters and the enclosed appendices, I do not give any concrete leads. that may give rise to the National Criminal Investigation Department for such a fact-finding investigation. to turn it on.

In your letter, you also express the hope that a fact-finding mission will then ensure that the prosecution will refrain from prosecuting in the case in which you are a suspect. Given the fact that I do not consider an investigation by the National Criminal Investigation Department to be indicated, this situation does not arise. In this context, I would also like to point out that the investigation in the case in which you are a suspect has not yet been fully completed. As soon as the case has been assessed and a decision to prosecute has been taken, you will be informed in more detail, and you also indicate that you have been waiting a long time for a decision of the Public Prosecution Service with regard to Ruijzendaal/Mehraban. In view of the fact that these persons also occur as victims in the case in which you are a suspect and the issue you raise is part of the same complex of facts, it is not possible to report this to you already.

Finally, in your letter you also mention a report “on the shelf” to the Zeist police and you complain about the role that Mr. MDNDR011 (working for the police) would have had in this. As it concerns a report that is (still) in the hands of the police, it is therefore not yet known to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and I cannot inform you about it in more detail. In addition, your complaint relates to the actions of an official of the police and also for this reason there is no reason for me to deal with your letter on this point in substance. For such complaints the police have their own complaints committee.

I trust that I have informed you sufficiently.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Dr. J.R. Bac
Chief Public Prosecutor of Utrecht – Lelystad

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