Honour killing story

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Andrea W.
born 1973
Strangled: September 8, 2009
Residence: Jengen / Ostallgäu
Origin: Victim: Germany; Offender: Egypt
Children: 1 daughter (aged 5 at the time of the crime)
Perpetrator: her husband Ahmed (at the time of the crime 35 years old)
On September 8, 2009, English teacher Andrea turned 37 years old. Supposedly on this day, her husband strangles her. It is said that he gambled money and that his wife wanted to divorce him. Ahmed picks up their daughter Laila from kindergarten and leaves.

From Egypt, he reports to his wife's family. They had gone on vacation together. Due to a car accident, he needs money. Later he tries to get money again by claiming that his wife is in prison in Egypt. Presumably, the family becomes suspicious and alerts the police.

On October 17, officers find Andrea's body. It is buried in a pit on the family's property in Jengen. The autopsy indicates that the cause of death is "violence to the throat." An international arrest warrant has been issued. The daughter has disappeared without a trace. There is no extradition treaty between Germany and Egypt.

In late 2009 or early 2010, Ahmed is arrested in Egypt. He is supposed to be tried there. During political unrest, he was allegedly murdered. Laila probably lives with her father's family (i.e. her mother's murderer) in Egypt. She has German and Egyptian citizenship.

Qu'est-ce qu'un crime d'honneur ?

Un crime d'honneur est un meurtre au nom de l'honneur. Si un frère assassine sa sœur pour rétablir l'honneur de la famille, c'est un meurtre d'honneur. Selon les activistes, les raisons les plus courantes des crimes d'honneur sont la victime:

Questions sur les crimes d'honneur

  • refuse de coopérer à un mariage arrangé.

  • veut mettre fin à la relation.

  • a été victime d'un viol ou d'une agression sexuelle.

  • a été accusé d'avoir eu une relation sexuelle en dehors du mariage.

Les militants des droits de l'homme estiment que 100 000 crimes d'honneur sont perpétrés chaque année, dont la plupart ne sont pas signalés aux autorités et dont certains sont même délibérément couverts par les autorités elles-mêmes, par exemple parce que les auteurs sont de bons amis des policiers, des fonctionnaires ou des politiciens locaux. La violence contre les filles et les femmes reste un problème grave en Pakistan, Inde, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrie, Iran, Serbie et Turquie.

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