Honour killing story

Rola El-Halabi
born: 1985
Shot: April 1, 2011
Residence: Ulm
Origin: Lebanon
Children: none
Perpetrator: her stepfather Hicham/Roy El-Halabi (44 years)
Rola was born in Lebanon, grew up in Germany and graduated from high school here. She has a German passport and has been boxing since she was 9 years old. Her stepfather Hicham (named Roy, a Kuwait born goldsmith with a German passport) is her manager. The relationship is probably good as long as it isn't about men. When Rola is 20, her stepfather goes to her with a sword because she mailed with a young man in England. The mother intervenes.

In September 2009 Rola fights for two world championship titles. In January 2011 Hicham states that his stepdaughter cannot defend her titles for health reasons. Rola then terminates her stepfather's contract as manager. She moves out of her house to live with a man. On April 1, 2011, she wants to fight for the IBF World Champion title.

Just minutes before her fight, her stepfather shoots two guards (34/36 years) and gains access to Rola's room. The father forces those present (doctor, coach, physiotherapist) to leave the room. He locks himself up with his stepdaughter and shoots her in the hands, knees and feet from a distance of three meters. He is then overpowered by police officers. The events hall in Berlin-Karlshorst was evacuated.

The arrest warrant is for inflicting serious bodily harm.

The trial starts in the fall of 2011, Rola testifies that the year before she fell seriously in love for the first time with a Greek (Kosta 28 years), a non-Muslim who was already married. The stepfather then started spreading insulting texts on the internet. Witnesses tell that Hicham had announced that he would get Rola in a wheelchair.

This act is not a murder of honour, but is intended to make a scenario in which loss of honour would occur impossible. It is completely unclear if Rola will ever be able to box again.

In November 2011 the perpetrator is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for inflicting serious bodily harm.

Though Rola is still in the hospital, she is engaged to Kosta, later they are going to get married. The sportswoman is in a wheelchair for 2 months. Then the two open a café in the centre of Ulm. Rola works as a waitress. More than a year after the crime, she starts training again. In January 2013 she is back in the ring, but loses with a narrow margin. Later she publishes her autobiography Stehaufmädchen. In August 2013 she becomes world champion again, this time a weight class higher. More titles will be added in May 2014. In the summer of 2015 her daughter will be born. In November 2016 she announces the end of her boxing career, partly due to the late effects of the bullet wounds in her knees. In the meantime, she runs a fighting school with her husband.

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