Honour killing story

Scharare A.
born: 1970
stabbed to death: 25 October 2016
Residence: Münster
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 3
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Golam A. (55 years)
At the age of 14, Scharare was married off by her parents in Afghanistan to a man who is almost 10 years older. In 1985 the two moved to Germany. At the age of 15 Scharare has a son and then a daughter. Golam studied architecture in Dortmund and completed his studies in 1993. Because he wants his family to live in an Islamic country, he moves to Iran. But the family only gets a visa for one year. After 9 years no more, and the family returns to Germany. Two more children were born in Bochum. The family moves to Münster.

Scharare was trained as a draughtswoman and works. Golam drives a taxi. The family accepts German nationality. In 2012 Scharare will divorce. Golam threatens to kill the family, but then goes back to Kabul and works there. Scharare moves to her daughter's house. But her address has to be kept secret. The separation of the marriage will take place in 2013. However, the divorce certificate cannot be issued to the man.

In May 2016 he returns to Münster, threatens again and finally on October 25th stabs his ex-wife in her apartment with a knife. Moreover, he cuts her face into unrecognizable pieces. As a punishment for her "disobedience", he cut off her nose and lips. In bloody clothes, he rang his neighbours to call the police. He was arrested without resistance.

Scharare dies in the hospital.

In April 2017 the trial will start before the court of Münster. The defendant remains silent. According to his lawyer, however, "everything is very close". In June, Golam was sentenced to life imprisonment. The court sees the motive as that the victim did not want to submit to the patriarchal lifestyle of the perpetrator and had to be punished for it.

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