Why did beautiful Narges have to die? 'I had nothing against her,' said the woman who set her on fire.

Narges Achikzei
Age: 23
Set on fire: December 7, 2009
Residence: Zeist, Netherlands
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: none
Perpetrator: the sister of a friend of her fiancé Haroen Mehraban
Fourteen years ago, on Monday, December 7, 2009, the young beautiful student Narges Achikzei (23) was doused with motor oil and set on fire in front of her own apartment in a large flat in Zeist. This happened two weeks before her planned wedding and a week before the trial against her former employer for defamation and libel.

Narges Achikzei: " Later I will marry a man of my own choice, otherwise burn in hell!"

"Woman victim of honor killing and because of extortion of a company!" declared an anonymous detective involved in the murder investigation the day after the murder when asked about the motive. This quote served as the basis for several media reports, including that of Elsevier: "Honor killing in Zeist: 23-year-old woman set on fire".

The gruesome murder was captured on surveillance cameras. Photos of the murderess were released, and the investigative team published the following about the possible motive: "Narges is Afghan and there are those who immediately thought that it would be an honor killing. But the police have no indications that this is actually the case, but do not rule it out either. There are also rumors that her death would have to do with legal conflicts in which Narges would be involved, conflicts that would have nothing to do with her Islamic background."

As Narges Achikzei's former employer and legal opponent, I am "involved" in this murder. Family and friends of Narges Achikzei claimed that she was set on fire by three masked Dutch men, one of whom was her former employer with whom she had been feuding for a long time because he had made her do unpaid work and had defamed her and her fiancé on the Internet by falsely accusing them of swindling, extorting and threatening him. According to friends of Narges Achikzei, that Dutch man could not cope with Narges marrying her fiancé and set her on fire out of jealousy.

As a defendant in Narges Achikzei's criminal trial, I know what her conflict was about. Through reports, judgments in civil lawsuits and emails, I can prove that the conflict involving Narges Achikzei did have to do with her Islamic background. The truth is that Narges Achikzei did not believe in God, did not participate in Ramadan and said she liked pork. Shortly before her forced marriage to Haroen Mehraban, her behavior changed. Narges indicated that her parents know his parents, that she had to read the Quran and distance herself from me.

Narges Achikzei: "Marry Afghan man or rich friend!"

Two days after the murder, I was sitting at the police station in Utrecht facing detectives involved in the investigation. Detectives told me that all the Afghans they had spoken to had mentioned my name. One detective qualified it as the worst form of libel. I stated that it was a case of honor killing because Narges Achikzei wanted to marry a man of her choice and was in love with a Dutch man. I said that there are many reports in the police system against Narges Achikzei and Haroen Mehraban for Internet scams. A detective asked me if I knew why Narges Achikzei thought she would be prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor's Office. I replied that it was only a matter of time before she would be criminally prosecuted given the large number of reports against her and her boyfriend. The detective said I had done my best to free her, and I confirmed that. The detective told me that my 20-page report against Narges Achikzei had been taken up by the criminal investigation team. I was asked who I suspected of the murder. I named Haroen Mehraban and his lawyer Mr. Peter Hans Ruijzendaal as the likely principals with honor killing and legal extortion of me and my company as motives.

Investigators knew that I could not be the killer because I could prove that at the time of the murder, I had a probation officer on the phone to discuss her information report for Narges Achikzei's criminal case.

Investigators told me that they had made it clear to Narges Achikzei's family that they should no longer point to me as the perpetrator or commissioner. With a report on local television, police finally put an end to speculation about my involvement in the murder: "Narges Achikzei's former employer is not a suspect at this time. The two had a big argument."

Murderess denied she was jealous of Narges Achikzei or in love with Haroen Mehraban

On a private forum for Afghan girls, an acquaintance of Narges Achikzei criticized her mother. "It was my daughter's time to go!", she allegedly said several times. It is a statement befitting a young woman who has caused problems within the family/clan. Posts appeared on the same forum from friends of Narges Achikzei who wrote that she was burned alive due to honor because she was in love with a Dutch boy and wanted to marry a man of her own choice. A friend of Haroen Mehraban responded to the allegations, he felt that the girls should not accuse Narges Achikzei's mother and fiancé of being involved in this heinous murder, and he threatened to contact their parents.

I received a subpoena from Haroen Mehraban and his lawyer Mr. Peter Hans Ruijzendaal. They did not accept that I had pointed out to investigators and others that they were probably involved in the murder of Narges Achikzei. They felt insulted and victims of slander and libel. The subpoena also included a letter that attorney Mr. Peter Hans Ruijzendaal had written to the mayor of Zeist. Ruijzendaal referred to the mayor's meeting with Narges Achikzei's family and his promise to Sahar Achikzei to do what was necessary to stop my "unlawful actions". The Utrecht court would rule in favor of Mehraban/Ruijzendaal after summary investigation and forbid me from accusing them of involvement in the murder.

Investigation leader Tijn Keuss: "There are no signs of an honor killing!"

The investigation chief took Narges Achikzei's family and fiancée under caution, stating on television that police did not see any signs of an honor killing and that it was tough on the family that the community looked at them that way. "In that regard, you can just rule out honor killing," he said. The day after the broadcast, he was criticized by crime journalist Hendrik Jan Korterink. "Downright preposterous for a police spokesman to express such a firm opinion on television when there has been no trial at all," Korterink wrote.

Laan van Vollenhove in Zeist, Netherlands

In court, the investigation team presented a timeline with moments that fit well with an honor killing and a legal conflict as motives. A month before the attempted murder, the murderess contacted Narges Achikzei under an alias. She wanted to make an appointment to discuss a problem, but Narges did not want to. An hour before the murder, the murderess entered the apartment of Narges Achikzei's parents, who lived on the same street. Documents sent to judges by the investigation team allegedly mention "obstruction of a forced marriage" as a motive, according to a local resident.

Murderess: "I had nothing against her!"

"I had nothing against her!" the murderess told judges in response to questions about motive. She denied being in love with Haroen Mehraban on several occasions. Why she did it she would not say. The murderess' best friend stated in court as a witness á charge that the murderess was in love with Haroen Mehraban and cried hard when she heard that a wedding date was planned between Narges Achikzei and Haroen Mehraban. Because the murderess had contradicted jealousy, media reports speak of a murder without a motive, the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court states that there are some indications in the case file that the suspect would have been jealous of the victim.

The anonymous male District Attorney (DA) who had an appointment with Narges Achikzei in his agenda 3 days after the murder to discuss her case against me, is the same DA who was allowed to decide whether Narges Achikzei's fiancé and lawyer should be prosecuted for this murder based on my report. The DA chose to dismiss my report and not prosecute Mehraban/Ruijzendaal as principals of murder, fraud, extortion, slander and threats.

The policewoman who had helped Narges Achikzei with her false report against me in 2008 chose to also file charges against me for insult, libel and slander because I accused her of playing a bad role in the legal extortion campaign of Narges Achikzei, Haroen Mehraban and their lawyer Ruijzendaal. Her first report was dismissed.

With her second report in 2017, again for insult, libel and slander, she had more success. Her chief also filed charges of insult, libel and slander. According to judges, I went too far by accusing the policewoman, her chief and Zeist police in a video on YouTube and in emails of covering up corruption, fraud, extortion and an honor killing. The police chief claimed he felt terribly offended because I had called Police Zeist "collectively corrupt" and judges believed him. He did admit that he had been very indirectly involved in the murder investigation. With his action, he prevented investigators from contacting the bank to request personal data from Internet scammer Narges Mehraban.

In 2023, the Supreme Court ruled that they are not going to overturn my false conviction, the Supreme Court did not value the plea that I and my counsel made, about there being higher interests at play in indicting these rogue cops. The murderess was locked up in a clinic for a long time based on totally fabricated stories as a psychologically disturbed jealous love rival and is devastated.

Afghan woman burned alive. A cover-up. A timeline.

Most cited motives for murder Narges Achikzei


Dowry Bride Burning

Revenge on failed attempt by the husband to get more money from the bride or her family.

Love Troubles

Rumours went around that victim was in love with her Dutch ex-boss.

Business Extortion

The victim and her husband and his lawyer demanded money from her Dutch ex-boss.

Criminal Motive

Several websites reported that the victim and her husband scammed people on the internet.

Corrupt Dutch Police

Corrupt detectives played their own games with the victim, her husband and his lawyer.

Contract Killing

The executor or her family received a sum of money for burning the victim alive.

Bad Sharia Marriage

Victim wanted a divorce under Islamic law. Her husband thought, 'if I can't be with her then neither can anyone else.'


Conceal Abuse

The victim was seriously abused by a large group of people, which must remain hidden.

Jealous Female Killer

The murderer, who is the sister of a friend of the victim's husband, was jealous and in love with the victim's husband.

Psycho Killer

An expert claims that there are indications that she is suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorder.


Barbaric Culture

Afghan women who do not want to submit to the will of the family are severely punished.

Clan Problem

Acquaintances of the family say that the victim caused problems within the clan.

Racist Group Murder

The victim's family claimed that witnesses say that 3 white men with bivouac hats committed the attack.


Corrupt investigators initially thought of suicide, but after examining surveillance footage they ruled it out.
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