Honour killing story

Basel R.
born: 1991
attempted murder: 19 April 2016
Residence: Ellwangen / Munich
Origin: Iraq / Syria
Children: 1 daughter, 1 son (4 years and 11 months)
Perpetrator: Hassan A., ex-husband of his girlfriend (41 years)
In July 2015 Hassan and Lailan will come to Germany with a daughter from Iraq. At that time he was 39, she was 23 years old. Elsewhere it is said that Hassan has been in Munich since 2006. Then it would be possible to have an import wedding. Hassan speaks little German, works as a cleaner and in a Shishabar.

Marriage is violent. Neighbours report abuses, but do not want to call the police. There are investigations, but they have stopped.

Lailan falls in love with her uncle Basel. It is said that the two are from Syria. They move with the children to Sweden for a short time, but return to Baden-Württemberg, probably because their father accused them of child abduction. In December 2015, the children will be placed in a foster family.

Lailan, Basel and Hassan meet during a custody case. There is a dispute, the police are called. Then Hassan will shoot Hassan Basel in front of the agents. Basel goes down, Hassan puts his gun on his sleep and squeezes with the trigger. But no shot is fired.

After that there is a shooting with the police, Hassan is only overwhelmed and arrested after 3 hours. Two officers are injured. Hassan's Facebook account then receives more than 100 congratulations and blessings from his home country.

In March 2017 the trial for attempted murder will begin at the Munich Court. Hassan's family clearly shows in court how little respect they have for the German legal system. In May 2017 Hassan is sentenced to 9 years and 6 months imprisonment for attempted murder (not murder).

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