Honour killing story

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born: ?
attempted murder: 2 September 2016
Residence: Neuss (NRW)
Origin: Victims: unclear; perpetrators: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (27 years)
For some unknown reason her Turkish ex-boyfriend from Meerbusch will be at Ela's house on 2 September 2016. He suffocates her, probably with the intention of killing her.

Ela saves herself in a bakery. The owner describes her as seriously injured in the face and neck. The perpetrator is arrested the same day in Neuss.

In May 2017 the trial will start before the court of Düsseldorf. Or rather: It should start. For that reason, the court of Neuss has revoked the arrest warrant - "against the rules", because the public prosecutor has opened an investigation for attempted murder. The perpetrator left for Turkey. His lawyer has no contact with him at the beginning of the trial. The trial has been postponed indefinitely.

If the press asks why the perpetrator was released, the answer is as follows: "Unfortunately, the judge who made this decision can no longer remember for what reasons", said Kay-Uwe Krüger, spokesman for the court.

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