Honour killing story

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born: ?
attempted murder: 14-15 October 2016
Residence: Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria)
Origin: Perpetrator: Iraq
Children: 4 (7-13 years)
alleged perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Mahmud Salwan-Mohamad (36 years)
In the beginning this is the case: Lara has 4 children. After a relationship of 8 years she gets divorced from her boyfriend Mahmud. He threatens her and her daughter, possibly other women in the family. It is unclear whether Mahmud is the father of one of the 4 children.

In connection with the threats, Lara calls the police from her apartment on 14 October 2016 and they reprimanded him.

Mahmud walks away, comes back and throws a flammable liquid at the entrance to the house. Then he sets fire to the house. At least 7 people are injured and go to the hospital.

The perpetrator is arrested shortly afterwards. In November 2017 the trial for attempted murder begins at the Munich court. In December Mahmud is acquitted. The arson remains unsolved. The exact name of the victim and her nationality are unknown.

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