Honour killing story

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Shilan Hassan
born: 1995
Shot dead: March 13, 2016
Residence: Hannover
Origin: Iraq / Kurds / Jesides
Children: unclear, probably none
Perpetrator: her cousin Selfin Nahman Pesso (22 years)
Shilan comes to Germany with her family at the age of 3. She is a German national and later studies real estate management.

Shortly before her graduation her uncle Numan decides that she should marry his son Sefin. There is a kind of engagement of cousins. At that moment Shilan's father Ghazi (50 years old) is abroad. He is considered modern and liberal, unlike his brothers.

When the father returns from Iraq in June 2015, Shilan asks him to break off the engagement, no matter what he does. The uncle and his son will not accept this. The family is Yazidi, who have very strict marriage rules, which are enforced by force if necessary.

On 13 March 2016, a Kurdish wedding with 300 guests will be celebrated at the Star Event Center in Hanover-Vahrenheide. There, Sefin shoots his ex-fiancée with 5 targeted shots. The perpetrator flees, the victim dies in the hospital. The police find the weapon at the crime scene. After the shots there are fights between the guests, at the end there are 6 men injured and have to go to the hospital.

The day after the crime, the police identify the perpetrator, presumably by interrogating the wedding guests. An arrest warrant is issued to track him down. He may have fled to Iraq.

Later a speed camera appears with the killer and his cousin Hamid H. (32 years old) behind the wheel 5 minutes after the crime. Through his lawyer, the nephew has announced that he does not comment on the accusations. Sefin, however, reports on Facebook in July: He talks about honor and family and that he is willing to accept his punishment. Whether he wants to prepare his return to Germany (or make himself important) is unclear.

In October 2018, the perpetrator is arrested in the Kurdish border region Turkey / Iraq. He is said to have lived in the house of his family, who now live in Germany. This would mean that parts of his family would cover him. Apparently the father of the victim was present at the arrest. Whether the perpetrator will be extradited is doubtful. He is an Iraqi citizen, Iraq does not normally extradite its citizens.

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