Honour killing story

Raquel G.
born: 1970
stabbed to death: 7 March 2016
Location: Delmenhorst
Origin: unclear
Children: 2 (10 and 14 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (48 years)
Raquel has a teenage daughter and son. She lives with a man who may not be the father of the children. Raquel will divorce him around 2009 and later meets José (a 39-year-old Portuguese).

That's probably why her ex-boyfriend is stabbing her in her apartment with 30 stitches in front of the children on 7 March 2016. Raquel dies in the hospital. The perpetrator is arrested at the scene of the crime. An arrest warrant is issued for manslaughter.

The new friend José reports to the authorities and says that the couple already filed a complaint against the perpetrator last year for threats and intimidation. More is not known. Therefore it is unclear whether it is a honour killing or not. We are happy with the clues.

In September 2016 the trial at the Oldenburg court will begin. In November the perpetrator is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for manslaughter.

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