Honour killing story

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Tina Ghiassi
born: 1980
shot dead: 23/24 November 2016
Residence: Cologne-Weiden
Origin: Victim: unclear, probably Germany; perpetrator: Iran
Children: she was 5 months pregnant
Perpetrator: her husband Mehdi K. (48 years)
Tina and the 12 years older Mehdi are getting married in the summer of 2016 in Denmark. Presumably Tina is already pregnant (with a girl). She works as a cosmetics saleswoman. Mehdi would have worked as a bodyguard for the Iranian government. He can therefore have a gun. It is said that he is "silent and conservative".

On 24 November he shoots his wife and leaves the body on a path near a school building. Refugees are housed in the gym, a guard finds the body. Later it will be said that he was disturbed by the western lifestyle of his wife.

The man is arrested in the communal apartment. He may have tried to cut his wrists. He sends a picture of his bleeding wrists to a friend via his mobile phone. He confesses to the crime. The victim's brother also wants to commit suicide when he hears of his sister's death. Babak tries to drown himself in a lake and is saved at the last minute.

The following details can be found in the Mehdi report: The Iranian has a wife in Iran, with whom he probably also has children. He comes to Germany for the first time in 1993. He marries 3 in Germany or Denmark, which serve to obtain a residence status. Mehdi was deported from Germany several times. Among other things, he tries to establish the foundations for asylum. He had raped a woman in Iran, so he was threatened with the death penalty (this should be a reason for asylum, but it turns out to be a lie). Various suicide attempts also indicate that deportation had to be prevented again and again. For example, in 2008, when he was treated in the hospital and therefore could not be deported. There may be doctors who work together.

The following can be found about Tina: The name Tina sounds like it is of German descent. One can assume that Mehdi would certainly not marry a woman with an Iranian passport. However, Tina has a brother with the Persian name Babak. She is also buried in an Islamic cemetery in Essen, but with a heart of roses and pink balloons. The name she chose for her daughter is Persian: Nefas. One explanation could be that Tina had a German mother and an Iranian father.

In June 2017, the trial before the District Court of Cologne will begin. In July Mehdi is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and abortion.

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