Honour killing story

Derya Ö.
born: 1979
Attempted murder: 23 October 2012
Residence: Cologne-Kalk
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Mustafa E. (48 years)
Probably Derya will be married off by her parents first. At the age of 24, the office clerk divorces him and moves back to her parents' apartment in Cologne-Kalk. A friend of the family, the railroad worker Mustafa, who is more than 15 years older, starts an affair with her.

After eight years of collusion, Derya falls in love with another man in 2012. Mustafa doesn't want to accept this, although he is married himself and has two children. His wife also demands a decision from him. Instead, Mustafa threatens Derya and probably beats her up as well. Then she sues him.

On October 23rd Mustafa is lurking outside Derya's apartment. When she comes home, he shoots his ex-girlfriend. Her new boyfriend hears the cries for help on his cell phone and calls the police. Dreya is rescued in an emergency operation.

The trial will start at the Cologne Court in July 2013. The perpetrator asks for understanding for the fact that he wanted to save his honour. The verdict is unknown.

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