Honour killing story

Esra C.
born: 1991
killed with hatchet and knife: 31 July 2017
Place of residence: Gelsenkirchen
Origin: Victim: Turkey; Perpetrator: Morocco
Children: 1 son (at act 7 y.)
Perpetrator: her friend Samir Benalia (at act 35 y.)
Samir comes from Morocco and has a German passport. His occupation is indicated with "employee of a callshop". Esra has a 7 year old son who has no contact with his father.

Esra and Samir meet at the beginning of 2017, the relationship is violent. Friends try to persuade them to break up. Samir is known to the police and only on probation.

On July 31, 2017 Samir kills his girlfriend with 14 stab wounds in her apartment. With a hatchet he smashes her skull. He flees, Ezra's sister finds the body. The son is on holiday in Turkey with his grandmother. Samir is put on the wanted list and is arrested one week later in Barcelona.

In February 2010, the manslaughter trial will begin at Essen Regional Court. Siblings of the accused, who had previously charged the offender in the preliminary proceedings, refuse to testify. It turns out that Samir visited a friend in Mannheim between the crime and Barcelona and spent the night in a disco.