Honour killing story

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Nia and her father
born: 1997
Attempted murder: 24 October 2017
Place of residence: Lübeck
Origin: Syria
Children: 1 (released for adoption)
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 44 y.)
Allegedly Abdullah has an affair with a woman of the same age, but then marries her daughter Nia. Allegedly he converts from Christianity to Islam. From the marriage a child is said to have been born, but it was released for adoption after birth.

2015 Abdullah comes to Germany with Nia, her brothers and parents. The 24 years younger woman wants to separate in summer 2017.

With her father together Nia wants to get her things from her flat in August 2017. Abdullah first stabs her father, then Nia. Both are injured life-threatening.

In April 2018, the trial for attempted double murder and dangerous bodily injury begins before the Regional Court of Lübeck. The correct names of the participants are not known.