Honour killing story

Sven A.
born: 1970
Attempted murder: 23 July 2017
Place of residence: Wietze (district of Celle)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Kurds / Yazidi (presumed Iraq)
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: the brother of his girlfriend, Ferid K. (19 y.)
Sven is a car and motorcycle dealer in Wietze, district of Celle. He has a relationship with Leyla, a 25-year-old woman from a Yezidi clan. Her younger brother is called Ferid. He was born in Germany.

In July 2017 Ferid shoots Sven with a submachine gun at close range into the chest. The bullet misses the heart. When the shooter notices that Sven is still alive, he wants to shoot again. But no shot is fired. The victim survives badly injured. Later Leyla and Sven marry.

In January 2018, the trial begins before the Youth Chamber of the Lüneburg Regional Court. In addition to Ferid, another man is accused of procuring the murder weapon. His name is Salvadore (at crime 40 y.). He was born in Naples, is known to the police and comes from the red light entertainment scene. He had led the police to the murder weapon. He is being tried for violating the Law on the Control of War Weapons.

Both defendants admit the attempted murder. Salvatore testifies in court that an older brother of the shooter also threatened to kill his sister and her non-jesidic friend to restore family honor. This older brother had been the driving force behind the crime.

Within the framework of a perpetrator-victim compensation, Ferid's family pays the victim 30,000 euros in damages for pain and suffering. In February, Ferid is sentenced to 12 years in juvenile detention for attempted murder and dangerous bodily injury. The accomplice is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment under adult criminal law (including violation of the Law on the Control of War Weapons). His motive for obtaining the murder weapon cannot be clarified. Maybe simply money. However, the court certifies that he also wanted the victim to die.