Honour killing story

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Daniela R.
born: 1981
Attempted murder: January 1, 2017
Place of residence: Brandenburg an der Havel
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Yama F. (at act 38 y.)
Yama comes to Germany in 1990, grows up in Hamburg, but retains Afghan citizenship. He speaks German well. He has been on trial several times since 2002 and has been in possession of a deportation notice since 2006. He is obliged to leave the country. In 2008 he is sentenced to more than 3 years imprisonment for bodily harm to his partner. In 2015 he submits an asylum application, which is rejected in November 2017. Yama lodges appeal.

At the beginning of 2016 Yama meets Daniela and moves to Brandenburg an der Havel. Numerous assaults follow, among other things he breaks her jaw twice because she allegedly looked at a man on the escalator wrongly.

On New Year's Night 2017 Yama hits her in the face 20 times in a discotheque, threatens to knock her head off or pour acid over her. He rams his head against hers. Bouncers intervene, he threatens to bleed them out as if they were slaughtered. Out of fear Daniela stays with him. But she files a complaint.

In December 2017, the trial will begin at the Potsdam Regional Court. Daniela says that she was in subjection to the perpetrator. It is said that the district court rarely experienced so much violence and contempt for women. Yama had tortured his ex-partner with brutal violence and the worst death threats. His defenders argue that he comes from Afghanistan and has other values about the role of women.

The court considers Yama fully guilty. In February 2018 he is sentenced to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment.

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