Honour killing story

Mihriban S.
born: 1996
Murder: 2 February 2017
Place of residence: Rotterdam
Origin: presumed Turkey / Kurds
Children: none
Perpetrator: her separated friend Firat I. (at act 24 y.)
Mihriban meets Firat in 2013. The two marry in 2016 in an imam marriage. Why is unknown. Maybe one of the two is already married.

The couple lives in Rotterdam, but they are actually on a motorway towards Dortmund. Maybe to go to an Islamic mediator there. Mihriban had already moved into a women's shelter in November. She aborted her pregnancy there because of ongoing domestic violence. She obtains an approximation ban.

That's not something Firat wants to accept. On February 2, 2017, he steers the car into a truck without braking. His partner bleeds to death, he himself is seriously injured. He had probably already provoked an accident earlier, but nothing happened.

In August, the murder trial begins at the Essen District Court. In October, Firat is sentenced to 2 years on probation for negligent assault.

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